Digisurance 2019

Today, I was on the panel discussion InsurTech Allstars with:

Dominik Groenen (Founder @  flypper, Founder @ The Orangery GmbH)

Antonia Ermacora (CEO /Botpreneur @ chatShopper)

Sascha Wolf (CPO @ Getsafe)

Nikolaus Sühr (CEO / Co-Founder @ Kasko)


At the conference Digisurance 2019 about insurtech, innovations, insurances & cooperations.

Thank you Felix Anthonj for having me and thank you for all your awesome keynotes and presentations by

Fynn Monshausen, Benny Bennet Jürgens, Jan Klaas, Marcus Börner,  André M. Bajorat, Alexander Franke,  Sarah Honne.  Martin Gräfer,  Angelo Rohlfs,  Mathias Bühring-Uhle & Max Orgeldinger

See you next year 😉


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