How Blockchain to Fintech can Increase Your Profit!

How Blockchain to Fintech can Increase Your Profit! Image Credit: Stockunlimited Since the past couple of years,  Blockchain is the buzzed terms for the industry. “A subsequently step that maintains a continuous growth of transactions from distributed traditional method towards modern database globally to integrate with all types of machines and source of data”. “The Blockchain Read More
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Bank-FinTech Collaboration Drives B2B FinTech Funding

Bank-FinTech collaborations have emerged as a viable, lucrative growth path for both sides of these partnerships. For traditional financial institutions (FIs), working with a would-be competitor means integrating technologies for customers without having to build solutions from scratch. For FinTechs, the deals mean access to a broader range of customers through well-established industry names. This Read More
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Financial firms were the early adopters of the mainframe computer, relational databases, and have eagerly awaited the next level of computational power. Inorganics Intelligence helps Fintech companies in solving human problems, by increasing efficiency. Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves results by applying methods derived from aspects of Human Intelligence at a beyond human scale. he computational Read More